You are all strong and brave!

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I just wanted to tell you all how strong and brave you are! Every time I come back to this discussion group and read all of your input,it is an emotional and inspiring time. A friend of mine who is also a breast cancer survivor used to say that I was so strong,but she was weak and I told her that there are no weaklings in bc. You can't go through what we are all going through or have been through and be called weak!
I am not good with words sometimes,so I havn't responded to many of your sites,but I just want you guys to know how much what you have to say touches me and that I do say quick prayers for you as I read on.You are all truly inspiring-I am so proud of my sisters and brother! Keep on keeping on with the fight as long as there is breath in you! Don't let your cancer define you and have you-you are who you were before you were diagnosed,and I think we are made even stronger because of it!


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    You are so brave
    Thank you for such a nice pat on the back. I needed that. You are so brave..right back atcha!!! There are many days i don't feel that brave. This week I have been more exhausted than ususal. I thought it was accumulation of chemo treatments, but now that i'm feeling better i think it was from the colonoscopy, followed immediately by the gastly barium enema. And all the emotions and fear related to this. I think it just took to much out of me. BUT i have my big girl panties on and feeling better. Thanks for your post sometimes when we think back at things we really were brave..but at the time i thought i was being a wuss!
    God Bless
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    I would like to believe what
    I would like to believe what you say inre to myself, but, I can't. I am glad that you are feeling good! Cancer sucks, and, there is no way to be "happy" ever about it.
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    Bless Your Heart
    Whenever you think you are not good with words, go back and read your post~ you are most articulate and full of loving-kindness and fellow feeling. We are indeed brave, aren't we? Braver than any of us thought we would ever have to be. I like to see what our sisters and brothers write~ it is so amazing to me to realize we are never alone. ( unless our computers crash!) It may be an insomia laden night, or a scary 3AM, or a rainy day, or no reason at all...but we can find kindred spirits here on the boards.

    Thank you for being a part of the family~ we appreciate your input!