So happy I have to tell someone!

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Hello all,

I have been fighting NHL since my diagnosis and treatment in Sept 2007. I had my doctor (Onco) appointment today. As you know, we all must go through the task of a blood test before you see the doctor. For the first time since diag/treatment all of my blood counts are Normal (Halleluiah!). I have never had my wbc, rbc, and platelets all normal. It feels so good. It has been such a long time, and I have finally achieved one of the things I have longed for.

Thank you all for your prayers and support. It may not seem like a big deal to you. But I am EXCITED! Just had to tell someone!

Thanks for listening.
Be blessed.


  • Pnktopaz10
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    Congratulations Win! I am so very happy for you! It is a big deal and I understand your excitement! Hugs, Pnktopaz10
  • sun-shine
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    Blood Counts
    Good for you! You must be doing something right. Whatever it is keep doing it. It has been over 2 years for me from first diagnosis for HL and I still have not achieved that.
  • blueroses
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    You Go Win, Excellent News !!!!!!!!!!!
    I am so happy for you. Way to go Win. Blessings always, Blueroses
  • ralphie322
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    happy for you
    way to go i am glad to hear it ... and am excited with you and it is a big deal!!!!! it was a goal you set for yourself and you achieved it,and nobody can take that from you...god bless go phils