Radiation Treatment

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Anyone else have the "itches" while taking radiation? I seem to itch on the side that I am having radiation treatments.


  • EveningStar2
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    I've had itches and occassional pain that goes as fast as it shows up. I'm going to be happy to be done with this.

  • Noel
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    Me too
    How many more do you have? I have 22 :( And, then I start tamoxifen and I am half skeered of it now. It seems like we just can't enjoy our lives for trying to take all of this crap to protect us..doesn't it?
  • jmommac
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    The itches
    I have 7 more sessions to go and I have been itching alot, probably because I am very burned. Someone told me about emu oil so I just started using it yesterday. I slept all night but now after another session I am itching terribly. I'll keep on trying.
  • Kristin N
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    I am itching too. My
    I am itching too. My radiation oncologist gave me hydrocortisone to put on under the biafine to stop the itching. It seems to work so far. Try it and good luck!