Rectal Ulcers Post Colectomy

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It has been a while since I posted, but check the board regularly to keep up with you all. As always I am hoping and wishing for the best for everyone here.

I recently had a follow up rectal scope (I had an ileorectal anastamosis done and only have 6 inches of rectum left and no colon), and they found two ulcers. The doctor did not mention them in his recap to us, we just noticed them in the write up and pictures of the procedure.

Does anyone have any experience with these....are they normal, or abnormal...something to be concerned with or not?

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    I'd call and ask your doctor
    Hi Wes,

    I've not had the experience you have with rectal ulcers, however, my advice to you is definitely call and ask the doctor(s) until you have an answer exactly what this means. You should be told if they're watching this as a possible recurrence, or if it's related to something else, or if they don't know. I would definitely not just let it go.

    Best wishes to you and God bless-