Interesting development - but you may know about it.

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Hi everybody.

I saw this link from my regular google cancer updates and thought I would share it with you all. You may now about it already please follow the link:

Maybe they will get it right soon.

Best wishes Jeremy


  • JoanC
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    Getting it right
    WOW! Here is hoping that they get it right and soon. My prayers are directed that way. I was so sorry to here about your wife. Thank you for continuing to give us info.
    Hugs, Joan C
  • ladyjogger31
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    I have read about this, maybe there is still hope for us, I keep praying. I hope you are doing well these days. Thanks for the material that you sent me.It was very helpful!! Take care and please remember that Angela is always by your side.
    Hugs, Terry
  • mopar
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    Thank you Jeremy for sharing this. I had heard of this new development last year, and it renewed my hope. Thanks for taking the time to bring this to our attention, considering all you must be going through. Hugs and prayers to you.

  • saundra
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    Thanks for the report
    Thanks, Jeremy. We are all watching for reports like these. Maybe this one will work!!! Saundra