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I don't mean to sound negative but having had my last treatment and looking back on all this and the broken roller coaster ride, I do have to say that the isolation had to be the worst side effect of all for me. It's not intentional but it just comes with the territory, I guess. My husband travels (windshield time) from Monday mornings until Thurs or Fri afternoons. Some of the sick time I was happy to be alone but a lot of the time, I sorely missed my buds. Either they didn't want to disturb mr or they just didn't prefer to be around someone so darned sick. I don't blame them - I wouldn't either.

Anyway, hope the isolation part is over and look forward to being back among the living and productive. I tried so hard to stay active - what a fight!

As soon as possible I plan to be active in the city beautification committee, work more hours at the store and paint, paint, paint.............. I have all these ideas just itching to come out on canvas.

Love, hugs and blessings to all my sisters & brothers on this board. Teresa


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    I know what you mean about
    I know what you mean about being isolated. We had just moved to the east coast 5 months before I was diagnosed. My husband had to travel too for a week at a time. At least it wasn't that often and I didn't have to cook that week (I mainly ate frozen dinners). I had a dog to keep me company and I talked to myself alot. The good thing about talking to yourself is you don't have many disagreements.
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    I know what you mean. I used to jump into my car or go for a walk, get together with friends. At first i was flooded with well wishers and friends ..then as time went on and i wasn't always feeling well, they assume i am sick and stay away. Hardly ever even call. Now that chemo is coming to an end they will figure out that i am going to live and come around again. Maybe not. anyway its not just their fault. I isolate myself also. Not wanting to bother to put on the wig and make the effort. I still have big hangups about going anywhere without the wig and i hate it. its itchy and hot. around home just hats and scarves or natural. I know i am rambling but it does get lonely. Thank God i have you all.

    I hope you post some of your new paintings that are itching to come out. I can't wait to see them. I absolutely loved your last ones. and congrats on getting back out there, best of luck and God bless
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    So glad you're done Teresa.
    So glad you're done Teresa. Now that you will start to feel better and spring is here you will get out more and not feel as isolated. Once you start painting, posts the web site again so that we can see your new work. Hugs, Lili