Hubby had surgery

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Well my husband had his laproscopic liver resection yesterday. All went good, they used a robot and took out the 1 liver met, it was 1 cm. and was colon cancer. The doc said he will have some follow up chemo, which I am glad he will have. He said he used an ultrasound while in there, and there were no other tumors. He said he could see the effect of the 5FU on his liver, as it is harsh on the liver, but should cause him no problems, he is doing good, and might get to come home tom. They will follow up with PET/CT every 3 mo. Thanks for all the wonderful advice, and for prayers too. Congrats to Lisa for her good Pet results.




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    That's good news!
    Glad all went well, Gwen! Hey, am I wrong or did you also have cc? How are you doing?

    God bless you and hubby!
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    Good for hubby!
    Glad your husband had a good surgical result and things are looking up for him. Keep us posted on his chemo and perhaps we can offer tips.

    You mentioned robotic surgery - I had a DaVinci(robotic) hysterectomy just before Thanksgiving last year. It's an amazing machine. My recovery was fairly quick - I was admitted for surgery in the wee hours of the morning and left the hospital late that same night. First few days were rough, but overall, having the small incisions was much easier, so I'm sure that will be the case with your husband. Although, I received six one inch incisions all over my abdomen - had some other cleaning out to do with the hysterectomy - with all the surgical marks I sort of look like I've been out hunting with **** Cheney (remember his hunting accident?). Even though I'm quite marked up from surgeries, my bare midriff days were long gone anyway...I'm glad to be healthy.

    Anyway, good news about your husband - keeping you both in our thoughts and prayers....
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    glad to hear it
    Hi Gail,

    Thanks for the "congrats" to me. I'm glad your husband was able to have the laporoscopic resection- that is definitely supposed to have a quicker recovery than the traditional surgery. It's also reassuring when they can get in there with the ultrasound to check for more. My surgeon actually found 3 additional liver tumors in me when he used the ultrasound (thought he was removing 3 tumors, but actually removed 6)- so it was not laporoscopic.
    I never heard about any effects of 5FU on my liver- I wonder about that now. I'm still taking the Xeloda, so I imagine that could have the same kind of effect.

    Well, glad your husband (and you) got through his surgery- now's the time to heal and look forward to getting over cancer!

    Blessings to you,
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    Hey, Gail! I'm so glad everything went well and that the tumor is out! You are a champ hanging in there. God bless you both.

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    kmygil said:

    Hey, Gail! I'm so glad everything went well and that the tumor is out! You are a champ hanging in there. God bless you both.


    That is good news gail
    I hope he gets well soon.