Financial Help for Cancer Patients?

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My mom is 70 years old and was diagnoised with a glioblastoma brain tumor in December 2008. They have done a round of chemotherapy (low dose Temodar) and 35 radiation treatments. She also had surgery in December to remove the tumor and they were able to get 95% of it. Last week she had her first MRI since the surgery and they found out her tumor had grown completely back. So the chemotherapy and radiation did no good for her at all. We are now looking into taking her to the M D Anderson Cancer Clinic in Houston, TX. This has cost us so much money already, that we cannot afford lodging at Houston for her to get treatment. (They only do cancer treatment on an out-patient basis). They are also rated the #1 cancer treatment center in the US. Does anyone know of any organization that helps with things like this? I am desperate as the oncologist told us last week that she only has 6 weeks left. Any help would be greatly appreciated. She is so strong in her faith in God and so brave, it makes me cry. This is such a devastating illness to watch in someone that you love.I would let them cut off my legs if it would save her.