follow-up with plastic surgeon and surgeon yesterday

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I had my follow-up yesterday and both the plastic surgeon and surgeon said that my healing process looks like I am 6 months post-op and not just 2 months. I was happy about that.

I got the go ahead to do everything I did before surgery--hopefully it will warm up here so I can get out to the golf course and see if the swing is different with the expanders in.

3rd chemo treatment will be Tuesday and hope that goes as well as the last two.



  • Kristin N
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    Good luck to you Margo!
    Good luck to you Margo! That is really good news. And, good luck on your golf game! You GO GIRL!
  • Ltalcott
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    great news
    That's really great news. I am just starting to get impatient to get back to the "before." I normally go to the gym every morning, weights and aerobics alternate days.

    I'll be two months the first of May. You've given me a target, Margo.

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    Margo, the weather has been
    Margo, the weather has been warming up here. I'm trying to get to the driving range this weekend. Sunday is suppose to be the best day so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It will definitely be a challenge after 2 years of not swinging. I'll let you know how I make out.
    Hugs, Lili
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    Good For You!
    Wonderful news! Have a great weekend~ you deserve it! We rejoice in your good news!

  • chriss26
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    Great News!
    Great News!! Good for you. The expanders make normal movement a little hard and I only had one. But it is great that you are not letting that keep you down. Hope you have a great time.
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    Glad to hear the good news.
    Glad to hear the good news. You know, my acupuncturist recommends golf, says it's good for mind, body and soul. Gonna have to give it a whirl someday. Hope the weather works out well for you. I think we are even going to get a warm spell here in northern b.c. I will be worshiping the sun :) And good luck on your next chemo tx.