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hello my name is diana. i was diganosed with idc in nov 2008. the day after thanksgiving black friday,i had a lumpectomy.well it was more then just a lump.dr came into recovery to tell me it was cancer. 2weeks later she did the lymphnodes and 2 weeks later on new yrs eve i had a port instered in the hole where the tumor had been. i went evryday twice a day for 5 days to get radition inserted into the hole where the tumor been.where you gals get your redness and burns from the outside i got it from the inside. its been almost 6 mos now and i am still red on the outside. but the hole where the tumor was fills with fluid and i have to go get the fluid drained about every 3 weeks. had this happened to anyone else. i have some major surgery comming up soon and i dont know if i'll be able to get it drained all the time. when does it end. i am going to have the mammo done before the surgery. has anyone else had this type of radition before. my tumor was a grade 2 aggressive but only 4 cm and its harmorne aggressive so now i take a harmone blocker as well



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    I am having the external radiation, so, my redness is on the outside. I don't know of anyone that has had the internal kind like you are having now. But, I am sure someone on this site has and you will hear from them. My tumor was .8 cm, so, maybe that makes the difference between internal radiation treatment and external treatment, and, I am Stage 1. You have a full plate, so, take care of yourself and the best of luck to you Diana! Keep us updated please as we all care.
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    I wanted to have Mammosite
    I wanted to have Mammosite radiation but my tumor was too close to the skin that it wouldn't work. Have you visited the Mammosite website? I had a lumpectomy last year and was told that the breast is very forgiving and would fill in. I believe mine has done well, but I'm still healing. Maybe the Mammosite radiation caused the cavity where the tumor was to not recover as quickly. I hope someone else on this network can give you more information and that your drainage problem resolves soon.
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    I also was a possible candidate for mammosite radiation, but they discovered the cavity was too large. I was very disappointed. As for the fluid, I had to have fluid extracted three times after my lumpectomy, each time was less fluid. It finally settled down and "dried up." Hopefully, yours will too.