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My mom has been recently diagnosed with angiosarcoma of the breast grade 2/3, possibly due to the radiation she received on that breast for a ductal carcinoma treatment 4.5 years ago. She had a lumpectomy followed by radiation in 2004 august. We are worried about her prognosis based on what I read on the web - it pretty much looks like the end in few months. Any survivors of angiosarcoma and any care to be taken to survive longer?. As of now, they did mastectomy and removed the breast. The doctors are saying no chemotherapy as it is not effective in this case. Mom looks quite normal, doing her regular work. Any patterns of how soon it might come back (in other parts)?. What is a possible decent life expectancy from now on?.


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    hi honey, I dont have a clue about this but you touched my heart with what you wrote. Please try cancer information on this site or try calling 800 221 2141. Thats the y me hot line and they could pair you up with someone who has been a care provider or survivor. Ill pray for your mom.
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    I am so sorry
    I have not heard of that. I will have to look it up online to learn more. Good luck to your Mom!
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    Hi... I also have
    Hi... I also have angiosarcoma after lumpectomy in 2001 I found out aobut angiosarcoma 2 years ago and had a mastectomy and thought it was gone but it keeps showing back up on the skin on my chest. In Feb 2010 I had all tissue removed from that side of chest right down to the muscle skin and all and had skin grafts. After 7 months I was sure everything was fine but now the angiosarcoma is back and they are talking about more surgery and going down into the muscle. Had PET scan that came out clear 2 weeks ago. also had MRI but don't have results on that yet. waiting for doctors to decide on what they will do next.