After the full abdominal radiation

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Kris Ann, it does seem like your mom has been suffering awhile but I do remember it taking some time for my body to feel normal (It never feels like it did pre-cancer, but it is fine). Before the whole abdominal radiation my doctor spent a great deal of time telling me all the possible side effects- there were quite a lot of them and he told me some could be permanent. It was not a fun conversation but at that point I was willing to try almost anything. What does the doctor say? I know my radiologist stopped after my first brachy because he felt it was getting too close to damaging my intestines so we stopped. I think there are scans that might help her identify any permanent damage- It would be helpful to know that the discomfort won't last forever. Wish I could offer more help I wasn't offered any alternative to radiation except to choose the pelvic or whole abdominal. Hope she feels more comfortable very soon. Barb


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    Thanks for the info Barb.
    Thanks for the info Barb. My mom is getting a ct-scan tomorrow.. I'll keep you posted on what they find.. if anything.. We are praying.