Evista for ADH (atypical ductal hyperplasia)

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My Breast surgeon did a BX/and excisional bx which diagnosed ADH in my breast and then sent me over to an Oncologist to discuss Hormonal TX. We discussed it at length and after much thought I decided to try Evista rather than tamoxifen. Do we have any members in here either taking tamoxifen or evista for ADH? I would not give it a seconds thought if I had been diagnosed with DCIS but this I am still uncertain about. Any thought on this? Thanks!


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    My only advice is to ask
    My only advice is to ask your Dr, which you have done. You can go to chemocare.com to check on specific drugs to find out what they are used for and side effects. Maybe try to go onto M.D. Anderson or some other research hospital to see if they have info. on patients who have done the treatment you are asking about.

    Hope it helps, seof