they're thinking it's back.

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i just finished chemo june 08 and rad in oct. now i'm in ohio and have to get some bone scans and something down my throat to see if cancer is back. my throat has been sore for 3 or 4 mons told the drs in indy and they give me one antibotic after another my bones started hurting around then too. they did lung xray and it showed up ok. then went to big cancer dr in indy and he said he was worried it might be in bone. i'm nervous to say the least. my 51 yr old sister just got out of hosp yesterday.she went in for a biopsy on her throat and yesterday there was such a large tumor in her troat they put in a feeding tude and a trac; she was in icu for a fews days then put her instep down. shes going for the chemo instead of losing the voice box. her's is not aggressive thank god. i had stage 3 gr 2 her-2 pos with 6 or 8 node pos. my sisters dr put her off too for mons saying she had a sore throat heres some antibiotics. on and off for almost 8 mons now look. fri i see a dr. and start from there i'm believing its all bone pain from the arimidex. and throat pain is from (Talking to much)hehe. thks for listening deedee


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    Hi Dee dee
    So sorry you are dealing with this again. I'm glad to hear that the lung scan came back OK. I am hoping that bone scan will be benign as well. If Arimidex is the culprit, perhaps your doctor can prescribe something for the bone pain. Sorry to hear about your sister as well, but glad that her tumor is not aggressive. You have a lot to deal with right now. Please let us know how you're doing.

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    So sorry DeeDee but keep
    So sorry DeeDee but keep positive. I'll say a prayer for you. My thoughts are with you.
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    Scary Time
    Dee, I am so sorry to hear that you have to be subjected to the tests again and the waiting game for results. I will be keeping you in my prayers as well as you sister. Please keep us posted.

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    Healing Thoughts
    I send best healing thoughts your way as well! I am so relieved that your lungs are ok, and that even with your sisters diagnosis, that it is non agressive. Arimidex can certainly cause bone aches; I hope you can get some help for that. I'm sure your Dr will be able to recommend something.

    Thanks for letting us know, and keep us posted!