Large patches of skin coming off?

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I am posting for a friend who has no internet right now. She had rad'n, 25 treatments, that finished a few weeks ago. She has been getting large patches of skin peeling off from her chest area, where the rad'n was. Patches the size of her hand -- so that seems large to me. Is this unusual? How long might it continue? Months?

I read around in the forum about this but I would love to hear the latest. Thanks.


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    peeling skin
    I am not a doctor nor do I play one on TV but I'm going through radiation right now and this does not sound at all normal. I would say that she needs to have this seen by a doctor.

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    No Good at All
    I had some peeling during rads and was given creams and antibiotics to prevent infection. I think it is very important for her to seek medical attention as soon as possible just to ensure she does not get an infection.

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    I agree that your friend
    I agree that your friend should seek medical attention. I finished 25 days of radiation on Christmas Eve 2008 with a couple of burn areas, but they were much better one week after treatment ended.