Finally recommended to a Radiation Oncologist!

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Surgeon referred me to Rad Oncologist at follow up visit. Rad Onc is sending me for Bi-Lateral MRI b/c margins are close & High Grade. Also recommends RE-Excision/plus Radiation about a month afterwards.
MRI is this Friday! Has anyone had an MRI following surgery & a RE-Excision??


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    Hi Lauren

    You will find out that it is quiet common for bc patients to have a re-excision because of close or dirty margins. I had a re-excision but have not had an mri. In my re-excision they took out more nodes to test. The surgery was a bit worse the second time and I had a drain tube.

    Hope everything goes good for you friday.Keep us posted.
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    I had two re-excisions due
    I had two re-excisions due to margins and the tumor being near the skin. In the end, the margins were clean. The Breast Cancer Surgeon and Oncology Radologist were confident that I didn't need a mastectomy so I opted for multiple re-excisions. I think an MRI was done after surgery pathology to make sure there was nothing going on in the other breast. Chemo started 3 weeks after surgery and radiation was 3 weeks after chemo ended. Hope this helps.
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    I had a MRI about 6 weeks after my surgery. I had my lumpectomy on January 26, 2009 and had the MRI on March 4. They injected me at the time with a contrast agent called Gadolinium. They started an iv of it in me when I was in the MRI machine. It is a metal that provides greater contrast between normal and abnormal tissues. The purpose of it and the MRI was to show up any more cancers in either breast, which mine showed up nothing new. ( good news ) So, it is an important test to have. I then started radiation treatments on March 17th, 2009. They want to be sure that your incision is healed up nicely before you start radiation. I didn't have a re-excision as my margins were clean after the lumpectomy. Good luck to you!