Lotions etc. Why avoid petroleum-based products?

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I am posting for a friend who has no internet right now. Her rad. onc. asked her to get Aquaphore, for which the active ingredient is petroleum jelly.

Some of the forum members have suggested water-based, especially with aloes.

I encouraged her to use aloes, which are plentiful in her neighborhood. She has used them many times.

Anyway, I would be interested to know about the distinction between oil-based and water-based. Thanks.


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    That is an interesting
    That is an interesting question. When I was doing radiation the Radiation Dr. suggested Aquaphor, and some other lotions. I used vaseline petroleum jelly, but when I let the person who actually operated the machine to take the images, she said that was a bad idea...she didn't come out and say why, but she implied that it was an oil-based product and radiation damage is a burn, so it's like putting butter on a burn (I suppose she thought it would make it burn more). She suggested Aquaphor instead, but that makes no sense to me because the active ingredient in Aquaphor and Vaseline are the same. I found both softened the skin and helped it feel better. You just have to be careful putting on clothes before it is absorbed because it is a bit greasy. I think you could use whatever feels good, but ask the Dr. to be sure.