First time dealing with breast cancer

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I am so scared and angry at the same time. After three biopies and lumpectomy/sentinel node biopsy surgery. I still have cancer in my lymph nodes which the pathologist at the time of surgery missed it.. My surgeon doesn't want to go back in an remove my lymph nodes. He wants me to start chemo and radiation treatments. I see My surgeon Wednesday and my oncologist Thursday. Has this happen to anyone else? Can chemo kill cancer cells that are still in the lymph nodes? This is all so overwhelming. I have know one to talk to
Thank You


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    Hi stormbreeze
    I don't

    Hi stormbreeze

    I don't understand why your surgeon dosen't want to take more lymph nodes out. How many nodes that are involved has a lot to do with your treatment plan. Also how they grade your cancer. I had to have another surgery (after first) to take more nodes to test. Thats why we do chemo to kill any stray cancer cells that have escaped through the nodes.

    It is overwhelming. Do you have anyone to go to the oncologist with you. Take someone if you can. It is so hard to try to remember everything said. They can help you remember. Take notes and write down questions that you want answered.

    Hugs and keep us posted
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    Def. take someone with you.
    Def. take someone with you. Also write down your questions so you don't forget to ask a question. It is your body and you have a right to answers, if you aren't comfortable with the answers, maybe go for a second opinion.

    Good Luck!
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    welcome Stormy
    Hi Stormy, i'm so glad you came here. You will have all of us to talk to and we will be so much support for you. I am sorry though for the reason we are all here. Did your surgeon remove any of the positive lymph nodes? I know for me they took 23 nodes and 6 were positive. They said chemo/radiation were for the speculated cell that could have escaped into my system. Did your surgeon say why he did not want to go back and remove the pos. lymph nodes?

    When you see your surgeon and onc I would ask them all of the questions you have. If you are not content with their answers definitely go for a second opinion. I know how scary and overwhelming this is. I would also be angry if no explanation of why was given. Please know that you can come here with whatever questions you have. We will be here anytime nite or day. Let us know what they say this week. I am praying for you.
    God Bless
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    second opinion...
    Stormy: I was diagnosed with bc last January 2009....I had my surgery (mascetomy on Left Breast) last Feb 26.....they found my cancer from 2 lymph nodes...what my surgeon did was to clean up my axila - took out all my lymph nodes and had them all test for cancer....I only have 2 there were positive but Oncologist had advised me that there are traces of cancer in the blood vessel and had me do a PET scan....luckily, PET scan came back negative but he still wants to be aggressive with my treatment cuz PET scan cannot pick-up the tumor of less than 1 be safe, he wants me to go through Chemo and Radiation.

    You need to have faith/trust with all your Doctors. They also need to have time to discuss/answer any questions you may have and not just assume anything at this point.

    All I could tell you is go and get a second opinion asap.

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    Hey dont give up, i have
    Hey dont give up, i have seen chemo work, stay strong and just pray, prayer works better than any of todays medicine. I am sure you are scared, but stay strong, I will tell you how cancer had affected my life but just do your best and stay strong!