Rib, Armpit & Back Pain

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I am a 51 year old Colon Cancer Survivor of 17 years. I had a colon re-section and 1 year of 5FU chemotherapy.
I had a complete hysterectomy 6 years ago (no cancer found).
2 years, 3 months ago, I had my gall bladder removed (the hard way do to scar tissue from my previous surgery). No cancer found there. Post surgery and recovery, I have had right rib and armpit pain and it has moved to my back.

I have had mammograms, breast ultrasound and am scheduled for both of these again tomorrow. Last time, the Dr. present at the ultrasound said that it is not breast but bone or muscle. My doctors didn’t seem concerned when I told them this.

I had a PET scan and it came back fine. Although, afterwards, I found out that it does not pick up all kinds of bone cancers.

I have been to a Chiropractor and he said that my meridian was interrupted and he gave me acupuncture for this as well as adjusting. It does help some, but the pain always comes back and usually in a worse state. It used to last about 3 weeks, now it only lasts about 3 days.

I can pinpoint my exact points of pain, under my right breast, in armpit area and my back.

I don’t like to worry, but the doctors almost make you a worrywart when you have had cancer.

Any ideas on what I can do next? Or what type of doctor I need to see?


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    get second and/or third opinions. go to an osteopath--someone who specializes with bones or a neurologist--someone who specializes in pain.