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I am writing this not for myself but for a lady out in north carolina who was diagnosed with breast cancer. tumor is 5.5 to 6 cm and the oncologist told her they were going to do chemo 1x a month for 6 months then do a mascetamy. She is really scared. Does someone out there have similar experience and willing to email this young mom and talk to her? Help her get through this please. Send your email address and I can forward this on to her


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    Dear Tami
    We all have a similar experience here since we have all been through some kind of treatment and/or the dx of breast cancer. I am sure your friend needs support and bless your heart for reaching out to help her. The best advice you could give her is to let her know how to get on this board. She will receive many answers and support.. from all of us who are either going through it, starting it or surviving it. Let us know if she needs help to get on. Good luck and God Bless
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    I agree, send her the
    I agree, send her the information on how to get on this site. She will find many who have been where she is. Also, suggest to her that she should contact her local American Cancer Society. They can help her find many kinds of support close by. By the way, you could go to your local unit to find support for friens of cancer survivors if you feel you need support.

    Keep up the good work! seof.
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    We are all willing
    Definitely, send her on here. As Jackie says, we all have similar experiences. If it applies to her, there is also a site for younger women (many, many of whom are moms) at www.youngsurvival.org. Lots of great information and support both here and at youngsurvival. If she wants to talk personally, have her sign up here and I will PM her.