Cancer spread

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I origionally made entry very scared in october of 2008, i had da vinci surgery on 2-4--09. imediately after surgery i was told all went good. at my first post op visit i was told that it had spread outside the prostate to surrounding tissues and into the lymph nodes. now we are playing the waiting game. my first blood work was good. PSA less than 0.3. but doctor said i am not out of the woods. and on top of this, the incontinence is horrible, it has really stunted my quality of life. if anyone has been through this please give me your thoughts. I have read throughout that if it was found in my lymph nodes to leave prostate and take lymph nodes well they took lymph nodes and prostate and now i just feel like i am waiting for he inevitable.


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    check this out
    Aloha amccann415,
    Please check out this site, they provide professional help.
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    Cancer spread
    amccann415, When I started reading your post I was wondering if I had written something and forgotten. You had your surgery on the same date I did, February 4th. After surgery I was told everything was clear. At my followup I was told that the cancer had broken the capsule 4mm, which was discovered by pathology. The lymph nodes were supposedly clear. I was referred to radiation oncologist, who recommended that I start radiation immediately. I told him I was going to go to my 3 month followup surgeon appt before I made a decision like that. I also skipped on a bone scan. I want to see my psa results before I make any future plans. You said you have already had a psa test and followup appt. I wonder why mine was scheduled out at 3 months. Follow up with your progress. I am interested since we are so close in time frame and situation.