More Cancer during chemo

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Could ovarian cancer develop during chemo? Or could the mass next to her ovaries (which we dont know what it is yet) have been there bf we found the breast cancer?
Right after chemo she started having like a period and my mother hasnt had one of those since 2002. So they took tissue from her uturs(SP?)and it looks clear but now there is a mass by her ovaries. Sorry if I am rambling, just confused. The chemo just ended and now this. She needs time to heal!!!!!!!!

Can cancer develop in other places during chemo?

Wouldnt the doctors have found the ovarian cancer (if that is what this is) when they first found the breast cancer, when they ran thousands of test on her????

I know these are so opened questions that I should be askin a doc but I am here. Ladies????? Anything????


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    my opinion: cancer has a
    my opinion: cancer has a mind of its own and it can develop in other places while you are recieving treatments. It is also possible that the cancer was there before and they missed it. Maybe it was too small to be seen and it has grown, maybe the machines just missed that spot in her body, or maybe the Dr. interpreting the images just misinterpreted what he/she saw, or maybe it isn't cancer. Unfortunately cancer is not like math...1+1 always equals 2, but in cancer there are no guarantees and each individual is different. Definitely talk to the Dr. Right down the questions you have asked in your post, plus any other questions you have, and ask the Dr.

    I am sorry your Mother is still having difficulty, but she is blessed with a supportive daughter.

    I hope this helps a bit, seof
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    My Mom had ovarian cancer
    My Mom had ovarian cancer but I can't remember what chemicals they gave her in the chemo mix. I think that different cancers are treated with different chemicals. But I could be wrong.
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    Do you know what it is yet?

    Is there a definitive diagnosis of ovarian cancer? If not, I would not jump the gun here. It could be many things, including a benign tumor or a cyst. Cysts especially can grow up very rapidly and might not have been there the last time your mother got tested. What tests did they do after the BC diagnosis? Is your mom on Tomoxifen or an AI yet? hope it is nothing.

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    Mimi is right. I had an
    Mimi is right. I had an ovarian cyst and we just watched it. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer I asked the oncologist if it was still there and he said it didn't show up on the tests. I read about ovarian cysts and they can come and go between periods.

    I had started spotting after treatment and had the uterus biopsy done but it came out ok so the doctor did a hysteroscopy (looking in with a scope to get a better view) and then did a D&C. I had uterine polyps not cancer.

    So you shouldn't worry but answers really come from the doctor.