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Hi, I am Jomama and just signed up today. I went through Thyroid cancer in 1997 and then am now fighting breast cancer. Had a right breast masectomy in July 2008 and now am trying to cope with harmone therapy. I am not sure it's worth it. Can anyone give me some advise. I am tired of hurting all over.


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    Glad you found our merry little band, sorry for the reason that you needed to. I can't help you with your question, I'm not that far down the road, I'm still receiving radiation. But I do know that some ladies have switched medications and it helped and others have added vitamin D and that helped. I'm sure our sisters in pink will chime in with their own stories and experiences.

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    Jo, I finished treatment in
    Jo, I finished treatment in October 2008 (chemo followed by rads), and was prescribed one of the aromotase inhibitors (Femara) for three months. Unfortunately, my bones were in osteropinia already, and this med just worsened the bone structure. My oncologist switched me to Tamoxifen, which has some side effects, such as hot flashes and vaginal discharge, but is actually a strengthener of bones. Maybe you could discuss this with your onc to see if this is a possible switch. Tamoxifen does have some adverse things to think about, i.e. the possibility of developing cervical cancer, but this seems to outweigh the harsh side effects from long term AI treatment. You are the decision maker in this area, and I wish you good luck. So sorry to hear this is your second bout with the beast.

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    I am sorry you have had to
    I am sorry you have had to join our ranks, but this site is a good place to come for support and the choice of experience. Be sure to let your Doctor know about any side effects you are having, and ask about alternatives to what you are on now. I like to read what I can before I go, then write down questions, and take someone with me to help make notes when I am talking to the Dr. (two heads are better than one). There are a lot of alternatives out there! Also, you can go to chemocare.com to read about any specific drug you want to know about. It will tell you the other names the drug is called, what it is used for, and what the side effects are (common and unusual). Before you quit, talk to the Dr. and find out the pros and cons of quitting, or using something else. In the end, you are the one who has to live with the decision, so it is yours to make.

    Best wishes to you, seof
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    Well I have taken Femara since Sept '08 and my Dr. just changed me to Armidex last Friday. The symptoms I am having on the Armidex is a buring crotch and an itching in my feet ankles and butt. Gosh this is so trivial looking at what the rest of you are going through. Also I have gained 24 lbs since September and I feel like a blimp. Can't even get my leg up to clip my toenails! LOL I lost my Mom to Luekemia on Jan. 27, 2009 and I am hoping this depression I am feeling has alot to do with that.