DCIS? check out Reader's Digest article April edition

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Anyone with DCIS please read this article on page 88 Titled "WHAT'S WRONG WITH CANCER TESTS" It talks about a woman from Ca who was diagnosed with DCIS,her surgeon told her the DCIS might well stay in the milk duct b/c generally doesn't become invasive & they don't know what type it would be. It also stated many women get unnecessary treatment esp those with DCIS. It also said autopsied women who died of other causes had untreated DCIS.
Please read & share your thoughts on this.


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    Hi Lauren

    I didn't have DCIS but I read the article. All I can say is thank God I got my mamogram and mine was detected early. With cancer I don't know how you can get unnecessary treatment even with DCIS. If a tumor as small as a period at the end of a sentence can spread then I certainlly wouldn't take any chances with DCIS. I believe our best chance of survival is catching it early. And we all know how to do that-------------Go for the mamograms!

    (You can read this article by going on readersdigest.com and type in- articles on DCIS)

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    My cancer was DCIS and times I feel like I shouldn't call myself a cancer survivor because it *was* DCIS and only 1 cm. But then I think about the surgery, the psychological issues and the radiation and damn, skippy it was cancer. I did however do my homework before treatment and there is a school of thought that believes that the body can handle DCIS on it's own and it does not need treatment as that writer was alluding to. It may be overkill (sorry) for the present treatment but I personally am not interested in becoming a study of one. *I* don't know the answers and part of the problem is that no one does.