Gold Nanoparticles ... anyone know anything about it?

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I work at a University and one of the students working in our area brought me an article she thought I might be interested in titled "Nano-Biotechnology; Gold Against Cancer; A breakthrough method." At first glance it looked like some snake-oil type "advertisement" but I got on the web and there are quite a few articles about it ... so I just wondered if any of you have heard anything about it.

My first chemo is tomorrow ... and I don't see my oncologist for 2 more weeks ... but I figure if anyone knows if this gold "stuff" is really something I need to check into ... it would be you well-informed ladies out there ...



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    I don't know about the gold part, but I have heard about nano-biotechnology being used to target cancerous tumors without disturbing healthy cells. It would be a major breakthrough not to give chemotherapy, which is a systemic treatment that, as we all know, can damage healthy cells and make us feel sick. I think it is pretty far from human trials though.

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    Don't know
    I don't know about always, ask your Dr. you can also go to sites like Susan G. Komen, American Cancer Society, M. D. Anderson, or some other reasearch hospital site to see what research has been done. You can try looking in medical journals, but I have found many of their articles are written by Drs. for Drs. and are not in any language real humans can comprehend.

    Happy searching, seof
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    Gold Nanoparticles
    M.D. Anderson and UPMC in Pittsburgh, PA are currently testing a machine invented by John Kanzius, now deceased, that uses gold nanoparticles, bonded to a targeting molecule to destroy those cancer cells. The targeting molecule being tested is currently Erbitux which targets cancers that over express EGFR and that might one day include a percentage of those triple negative breast cancers that also over express EGFR!
    Google the Kanzius Machine for tons of links. It's looking very promising and may be ready for human clinical trials in the next 2-3 years.