genetics suck

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i finally sat down and talked to my mom. you guys were right she is just about as scared as me. she went to the doctor and they didnt find anything but they are testing her for the cancer gene. if the test comes back positive they are doin a vesectomy and removing both breasts then they have to do blood tests on me because my mom was only 32 when she was diagnosed and the gene could have been passed to me they want to check and see if i am at high risk of having cancer. all i can say is genetics suck. im 17 i dont want cancer!!!!
not to mention i dont know how you can prepare yourself for something like that!


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    I know it sucks, but I think getting testing at your age is actually a good thing. It definitely does NOT mean that you will get cancer. However, IF you test positive than you can keep a eye out on things and start having mammograms before the usual age. That way, IF something does turn up, they will have caught it at a very early stage and you will be fine. The problem with young people getting breast cancer is that it is often not caught early enough. In my case, I had never had a mammogram when I was diagnosed at age 34. Though I tested negative for the BRCA 1 and 2 defective genes, I can only imagine how much easier this would have been had it been caught earlier. Prevention and early detection is the key to a long, long life.

    Don't worry, there are great genetics counselors out that you and your mom will be referred to. They will explain everything and allay your fears.

    And for the record, the BRCA genes are not very common and most cancer is not hereditary.