Giant colon seen on Times Square!!

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AdAge magazine online had a brief about the following in its issue online today. This is great to know of this promotion. Wonder if they do a resection on it when there's not enough space to display the whole thing? Ouch!

NEW YORK ( -- Gargantuan promotional icons are nothing new to Times Square, but few generate the curious mix of emotions triggered by a giant human colon. But there it was last week, a 20-foot-long inflatable organ beckoning consumers to enter and explore its diseased insides. It was all part of a colorectal-cancer-awareness campaign conducted by the Prevent Cancer Foundation and pharmaceutical giant Sanofi-Aventis.


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    Sounds kind of creepy, but interesting at the same time. Great promotional tool!

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    giant colon
    I have so been wanting to see this. It travels around the country and is usually associated with some colon cancer fundraiser. Too bad I'm on the west coast, I'd loved to have seen it. Traci