Agent Orange, Vietnam Veterans

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If you served in South Vietnam and have been diagnosed with prostate cancer, you are eligible for VA disability benefits. There is a presumption the cancer was caused by Agent Orange. Just need to provide documentation of cancer diagnosis and service in country.


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    free pills from va
    I went to the va after my robotic surgery. I heard that pc was a dissability for
    vietnam Vets. Due to the cost of Viagra I hopped that they would chip in. The do give me four pills a month of a generic Viagra. They don't seem to work as good as Viagra. If anyone has any thouights on this let me know.
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    VA not helping
    I served in Vietnom for 17 months (1969) I recently went to the VA because I heard that my pc was a dissability. The VA said that I needed to come in and meet with a doctor and get a physical. So I did. Now I'm getting bills in the mail from my health insurance co. The VA is also giving me a four pill prescription for vardenafil which doesn't seem to do anything for me compared to Viagra. I am 6 months out of robotic surgery and only have to recover a decent level of erections for a complette recovery. Any thoughts on the VA?
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    Agent Orange Menu, Vietnam 1966-67
    Seems there were many items to choose from on the Agent Orange Menu of 1966-67 in Vietnam. More and more items are showing up all the time....who knew at the time? My plate is full, no more for me, please!
    I spent 13 months at a small base, 280 north of Saigon. Also had the 'crop dusters' flying out of our field, going out on spraying missions. I was in and around it on a daily basis as were thousands of others. I keep wondering what other menu item will come back and haunt me. In 2006 my ENT told me I had throat cancer and after the usual battery of tests and scans I had 7 1/2 weeks of radiation and some chemo. I say some chemo because after the 3rd dose of 'erbatux' (sp) my heart went into atrial fibrillation and that put an end to my chemo. After all the "stuff" was done, my cancer doctor said the cancer was gone. However, gulp, 7 months later it was back in all it glory. This time it required a total laryngectomy and removal of other things close by.... So, now I am a "lary", breath through my neck.
    Now I find out I also have type ll diabetes and prostate cancer. Did I miss out on some other menu items? It may sound like I'm making light of the whole thing.....not much I can do about it, right? I, like many other vets, got to sweat it out over there, now get to sweat it out back here. It bothers me that there are fewer and fewer posts from vets of my Vietnam era making posts.....even fewer making them about Agent Orange. I am looking for an organization/group that has experience in the AO field and vets that have gone through this same scenerio. I think we are a "dying breed"..... I hope there are other brothers that are familiar with my situation. I'm trying now to get a claim in with the VA and wonder how that'll fly? I can provide my email addy if anyone needs it to make a more personal response.
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