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Is there anybody out there that had implants before cancer? I had a breast augmentation in 1998 (saline, in front of the muscle) and in 2002 dx (at age 38) with invasive ductual carcinoma, stage 2. My tumor was small and more towards the surfice and very agressive. We treated with lumpectomey (x2 as the original surgey did not get clean margins) and chemo and radiation followed that. I had two different surgeons who were very careful and did not rupture the implant during surgery. However after 7 years post dx my breast is very tender to touch and aches all the times. It has been since treatment but seems to get worse every year. I get weird pains in it, hard to discribe. Mammograms are loads of fun. My rear end puckers when I have to get one done. There no fun anyway but it hurts twice as much now. I tell my oncoligist these things but he seems to think that is normal. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same experience...Any thoughts would be appreciated...Crystal


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    I have no experience with this but I have heard that even with saline implants they do need to be replaced after a period of time. Given all that you've been through since placed it would be no wonder. The wierd pains could be your muscles and nerves trying to spring back to life after surgery/treatment. Perhaps asking the plastic surgeon would help. I'm planning on getting the silcone implants and was told that an MRI is necessary every 2 years just to make sure all is intact. nothing worse than unhappy girls.
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    breast MRI
    Why don't they do a breast MRI in addition to a mammogram see if something is going on especially with the tenderness and aches.
    I did not have implants before dx.

    Sorry I could not be of more help.
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    I wonder
    I have had a bilateral mastectomy, so my experience is different, but I wonder if some other type of exam (ultrasound/MRI, maybe) would be better? Maybe you should ask a different Dr.

    I hope you can find the information you need. seof