WARNING - Reglan Use

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I just want to pass this along to everyone, and hopefully will be able to help someone avoid problems in the future. The FDA has issued a "black box" warning for the drug Reglan. This was prescribed to me after the Ativan I was started on during chemo did not seem to work. My oncologist prescribed Reglan, and I used it for approximately four months, or until I no longer felt I needed nausea relief. About a month into taking Reglan, I started experiencing problems with my mouth and teeth, and sought help from my dentist. There was no relief, and the symptoms just kept getting worse. To make a long story short, I am now about five months Reglan free, and the problems are just getting worse. The drug has been linked to a risk of developing tardive dyskinesia, or involuntary and repetitive movements of the body, including the mouth, tongue protrusion, rapid eye blinking, digestive problems, and even arm and leg tremors. There is no known treatment, and in some cases this is a permanent condition. This link has been known by the medical community for many years, but only this week has the FDA issued this warning. PLEASE BE WARNED! Don't take this drug under any circumstances, and make sure you pass this along to anyone who has been prescribed Reglan This warning is for any drug containing metoclopramide, and is commonly prescribed as Reglan. Hope this helps someone avoid exposure.