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i am new to this site, i have never had cancer however i have a loved one that does. i am just here for advice on how to help her. i dont know what to say anymore. it just seems like she has given up hope. if anyone has any advice it is highly appreciated.

a little background.

my cousin has had breast cancer and was in remission for the past 4 years however now its back and throughout her body, well we can only speculate this. It is mostly in her abdomin she had her second treatment of chemo today and she feels good today. she has tried other alternative medicine for it however it wasnt working fast enough for her. again all the advice will help.

thank you


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    Hi Sarah, welcome to the club no one wants to join. You'll find a great group of survivors and caregivers who will be able to offer advice and support to you. You haven't mentioned what stage your cousin's cancer is. We have many survivors who have had recurrences and were diagnosed stage 4 that have survived their second round of fighting the beast. Give us more details. Hugs, Lili

    PS I am hoping the other ladies who have had recurrences see your post and respond.