Had Port in Yesterday

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Had my port in. Doing well. A little tenderness. Today, go to Dr. to find out my chemo schedule.

Have question? I smoke and want to quit, what is the best way to quit. I have cut back but seems like when Ihave a moment I smoke.

Cancer runs in my family so much I need to quit. Hard to quit.

Any advise would be appreciated. God bless all!



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    Hey Darlene, I'm glad
    Hey Darlene, I'm glad everything went well. You will be sore for about a week until the body gets used to having that port in. I smoked also and was able to quit cold turkey. But, it was very hard for me to do that. I still have cravings every now and then but you need to be strong. Ask your doctor, there are lots of medications out there to help you quit. It's very important that you do. Keep us posted. Hugs, Lili
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    Port and Smoking
    Hi Darlene-
    I am new here and I won't get my port until March 6th. But as for the smoking...join the club!!! I have smoked for 32 years but I am going to quit. Just this moring I started taking Welbutron (?). I took it about 10 years ago, and within 2 weeks had quit smoking for 3 years. I wish I had never started back up but things happend. I will be starting my chemo on March 11. I know you will do good with both the chemo and the smoking. My prayers are with you.