recommendations on buying a hairpiece

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My hair is still thin on top and in the front despite 6 months of regrowth. I'm beginning to accept it a bit better, but now I would like recommendations on buying a hairpiece if anyone has any. These are my questions:

-does anyone know a good place in Chicago to recommend where I could buy a hairpiece?
-if you do have a hairpiece, how long did you wait after chemo before getting it?
-how does your hair system attach (am worried about damaging new hair)
-any other recommendations or thoughts I should consider when buying one

Also, does it look natural?

There must be somebody out there who has a hairpiece!



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    chickened out....
    i'm dealing with the hair issues, as well. i went on a 'girls' day with my friend and her mom. her mom has REALLY short hair. i thought, 'ok, i can do this...' i had my last chemo in september...lost my hair in july, so it's been a while. i have a full head, but gray (42) and still very short..but needed to get shaped I went and got it trimmed up, made my husband go get some hair color, and was bound and determined that if my friend's mom could run around with a buzz cut, I could, too.... I chickened out at about 2:00AM Monday morning.... my head was cold.... maybe over spring break. I think you need to put a pic of you with your new grown hair so you can get some feedback....notice I don't have a real one(pic) up yet..... I totally understand the hair issues.....:)
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    Ohilly - I purchased two
    Ohilly - I purchased two Raquel Welch wigs online and adore them! You can't even tell that they're wigs - they look so real. They're lightweight and allow your scalp to breath. Hope this helps, Teresa