yes or no on the booster shot?

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Hi. I start treatment this week for NHL. The good ol' R-CHOP regimen. My question: in interviewing oncologists, I had differing opinions on whether to receive the white blood cell booster shot after each chemo round. I'm young and in good health (well, minus the cancer bit). Should I push to receive the shot? Why or why not? Pros and cons?

I'm no medical professional. Any advice or recommendations? Further reading?



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    I think the Oncologists will have different opinions as your just getting started and they have no idea how fast your body will rebuild itself. I am a male and had NHL. I went through CHOP+Rituxin and didn't need any booster shots. But it all depends on how fast your body can rebuild itself after going through a treatment. If I remember correctly the counts would drop for about 7 days as our good and bad cells were killed. Then my body would start replacing the cells and the counts would start to rise again. Before my next chemo they would do a blood test to see if my counts were high enough. A proper diet is so important that I cannot stress it enough. If your not eating and getting rest your body is not rebuilding itself. I am sure the Oncologists would like to keep you on your chemo cycle and they might want the booster shots if your counts are not rebounding. And you have to remember that when your counts are low your body is an open invitation to any virus or infection. So there are many factors and as nobody has the same body or knows what is going to happen until after treatments start, everyone is guessing. Please let me know how your doing with your treatment. Slickwilly
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    Hi Jen,
    I had a shot of Neulasta after my second session of r-chop. Four days later I ended up in ER because I had alot of chest amd back pain. It turns out the it was a reaction to Neulasta building up cells. After that I knew what to expect and it was never as bad as the first time. If your cells are too low I was told it might interfere with the scheduled treatments. Your DR will no what is best for you.
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    Hi Jen
    I have had quite a bit of Neulasta shots and never had a problem nor a reaction. These shots are necessary as a precaution. I am in no way giving advice here, but just want to share my experiences. I have had a lot of chemo....7 rounds of R-Chop, 6 rounds of RICE and had radiation too. The shots were given to me a day or two (or next business day) after my chemo treatments. The neulasta shots did me a world of good.

    Best of luck, and many prayers to you in your walk with these treatments.

    Take care,

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    booster shots
    I had a booster shot, Neulasta(sp?)the day after each chemo treatment. I had 6 treatments of CHOP-r. My doctor thought it was important to make sure my white blood cell count went up so I would not have to delay getting my next treatment. Getting the treaments on time is important. My final treatment was almost delayed because my white cell count was low but she went ahead with it. I am 3 years cancer-free. I had no side effects from the shots. I say get them if your insurance allows them, do everything you can to combat the cancer and stay on track. Don't worry you'll get through this, cancer treament has come a long way.