First scans today and going to chew radiation onc's butt

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I had radiation and have since found studies showing in my stage that radiation only offers a 3% benefit. I have also met several women and men on another forum that had their tumor in the same location or closer to the sigmoid junction than mine, and they were recommended against radiation, and now I am so upset that i did it, Why didn't i find this information earlier when i was making the decision. 4 months later i still cannot sue the bathroom without excruciating pain. I am in early menopause at 42, I have sexual side effects that will be with me forever i am sure.. i will worry forever about fistulas and bowel obstructions and a secondary cancer..all for a T1 polyp with 1 node. I am going to definitely ask him what gave him reason to think i was a candidate for this when my tumor was 20 cm from the anal verge. From what i have read rectal cancer is defined as less than 19 cm from the anal anyway,.. i thought the benefit to the radiation would be i only had to get 8 folfox..and now my onc is going for 12 anyway... i feel sad and now today i am getting my first scans.. not to look for tumors according to them but to see how my body is healing form radiation, so i am not getting any lung scans or xrays. If this scans comes out good, how i am supposed to celebrate when i don't know how my lungs look? Anyway.... wish me luck!!


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    effects from radiation
    I have side effects from the radiation that I had. My polyp was low and I had one lymph node test postive. I have rectal narrowing and vaginal shortening. The nurse at the radiologist office said that these side effects were explained to me in a binder they give to everyone at first. I told her that they didn't stress or explain what radiation might do to your sex life. I have painful bathroom issues because of my reversal. I'm so sorry that you have pain too. I had a test done and it show I'm in menopause. I'm 50 and had a tubal done 20 years ago. I haven't had any periods for 1 1/2 years. They said to use a dialator, when you hurt when you go the bathroom that's the last thing you want to do. I did go to a gynecologist and was given vagifem. Don't give up when you start feeling better you might want to go to your gyno then. I hope you start feeling better. God bless.