The Blues

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Okay ladies, I've got the blues. Not those blues, but the Blues that you see on those Highmark insurance commercials.My insurance coverage ended on January 1, because I have been unemployed since October of last year. So, simple girl that I am, I thought you could get a medical card. No such luck, my unemployment is too high to qualify, but I don't have enough unemployment to pay for my COBRA insurance. So...we have something for low income people in my state...but it has a waiting list of 3 years to get the low premium cost. If you make it onto this list, you are able to purchase the insurance at a low cost. But of course you need a job to afford this. So. I got a voucher from the Susan G. Komen Foundation that will cover my mammograms and if I need any biopsies or such. But it does not cover follow up for the ovarian. It will cover a PAP smear, but nothing else. Does anyone know of any place that will help with or cover follow up care for ovarian. I would hate to think I got through everything last year, then lapse in my follow up and have something come back that could have been prevented. Is there any program for labwork? Or am I in dreamland. I would go with the COBRA insurance simply because of the pre-existing conditions, but the deductibles are 2,500 while the premiums are $300+. Any ideas from anyone? Thank you all..hugs, Cindy


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    The Blues
    I do not know of anything but I am going to put a prayer out there that there is something and someone here that knows about it. Whew! That was a long sentence. I will keep you in my prayers an thoughts.
    ((Hugs)) Joan
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    Have you talked to a patient counselor/coordinator at the hospital you've been treated at? They would have the best information. They like to be able to get paid, and the best way to do that is to have a patient with coverage.

    Good luck. This is such a hard subject for those of us who have existing conditions, and things just haven't gotten any better in recent years.
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    If you still qualify for COBRA you may want to look into it again. In the Economic Stimulus plan the government will now subsidize up to 65% of the cost of your premiums for up to nine months. That may be long enough to keep you covered until you can get something else. Good luck!