Plasmablastic lymphoma

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My husband was diagoned in Oct. 2008 with plasmablastic lymphoma.We were told it is a very rare cancer.He has filed for Va benefits for this. It is also classified as non-Hodgekins lymphoma. He is recieving 30% for diabetes from a claim for angent orange. He served in vietman from 68-69. The doctors have said that he is going into remission and they want to do a stem cell transplant. His chances of the cancer reaccuring are 75% without the transplant and 50-60 percent with the transplant. Does anyone know where this leaves us with the VA? He is 61 and will be getting 100% from Social security.A specialist in Boston said it is a cancer that can come from pesticides and very well could be from the agent orange. I just wondered if anyone can help us.

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    Plasmablastic lymphoma
    My husband was diagnosised with Plasmablastic lymphoma in Novermber 2008. He had 6 rounds of CHOP at Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa. We are currently in Jacksonville Florida as he is in the midst of 50 Proton radiation treatments through University of Florida's Shands's Proton Therapy Center. His doctor is Dr. Malyapa, a head and neck oncologist.

    We were told a bone marrow transplant wouldn't be necessary unless the treatments he has undergone fail.

    Please share any and all information you might have on this extremely rare form of lymphomia.
    Thank you.
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    I was just wondering how your husband is doing. Please update us. My father is doing much better. Thank you!