What to do after breast biopsy

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I had a very painful and humiliating breast biopsy and I have been told I need surgery to further determine that I have breast cancer. The surgeon mentioned that I need a wire placed inside my breast to find the inserted disc before the surgery. This will also be very painful. Is there any other thing I can do than go through this procedure?


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    I'm sorry that you have had to go through this. This sounds like a doctor question. Perhaps you need a second or third opinion and try to find a surgeon that you click with. I did not find my biopsy to me painful or humiliating but every one of us is different. I had to have guide wires (2) before my surgery which I found the placement procedure painful but again, that's me. I would suggest that getting this resolved sooner than later, IF it is bad situation you do not want it to get worse.

    Keep us posted and you will get more informatuion and support here, I am sure.

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    Ultrasound breast biopsy and
    Ultrasound breast biopsy and a wire guided excisional biopsy were done last year. Sounds like you're going through the same thing that I did to further evaluate a suspicious area. The wire was placed by the Radiologist with use of mammography and a local anesthetic. I remember some discomfort but not too painful. The excisional biopsy was done by a Breast Cancer Surgeon under local anesthesia in an operating room so I was asleep with no pain involved. From what I understand the wire is necessary to mark the tumor site and this procedure is fairly common. We all react differently to treatment and pain so don't be afraid to ask for more pain relief. You deserve it! Good luck.