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Hello sisters of UPSC,

After my son posted a message for me, I have received some messages from some sisters, thank you very much for all your support. I found helpness sometimes, because nothing I can do besides wait and hope I am trying to prepare myself better for the chemo that I have to take. Besides, I have read almost all your cases and most of all the treatments are mixed up with chemo and radiation, but my doctor told me I just need chemo I don't know why? do anyone knows the answer? I think I should ask my doc with more details.

I was a healthy tiny woman last month but now I am a very very sick lady with UPSC stage IIIC, what a joke, right? no symptoms at all.

Since my doctor told me that I have to fight because it is a very aggressive cancer if I don't fight then I will be in a lot of pain and eventually die because of it. Well, I don't afraid of death but I am too scared of pain, so I make up my mind to fight for it and starting from this moment, I will not think no more the stage, the recurrence, nothing just one purpose to FIGHT and win this actual battle. Please give me any advice for the chemo preparation so that I can prepare myself better and any idea is welcomed.

Thank you very much for sharing with me and helping me to go through this tough journey.



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    Belinda, I'm very sorry to hear about your cancer. I had chemo treatments and I lost my hair,so be prepared. I cut my hair short.(it was very long)Have head wraps, or get a wig before you start your treatments. On your first day of chemo think positive and don't let cancer get you down. Being positive is the only way to beat it. I did and I know you can too. God bless and much luck on your journey. (Make sure you get medicine for nausea, because that is one thing you will need for sure.)