Breast cancer mets to lungs and bones

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Please share with me your experiences regarding this topic.


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    hi deb, i can't imagine what
    hi deb, i can't imagine what a sucker punch this news was. my heart goes out to you. i pray that you can find some peace in this dark moment. i will be praying for you. let us know how you are doing. love, peggy
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    Hi Deb, there are many wise
    Hi Deb, there are many wise and wonderful women here that will share your pain and your joys. There are some who have had recurrences as well and are doing fine today. Please keep that thought in your mind. There is also a website that deals only with mets and recurrences, the address is pasted below. Hope this will help. I'm sorry you have to deal with this all over again and I send you a big hug.