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I could use someone to talk to


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    Hi Jazziz,
    What do you want

    Hi Jazziz,

    What do you want to talk about. Lung Cancer?
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    Discussion boards and the chat room
    The discussion boards are a great way to communicate when you have a question or a comment to post and would like some feedback---eventually. If you are looking for fast feedback or some folks to talk to that have been there and back, try the chat room. Yes, it takes forever to load up and without the latest version of program it might not load up at all, but the folks on it are great sources of information and terrific company. I have noticed that the chat room is busy mostly in the evening most days. Checking in early in the day gives me mixed results. I'd say that 7 to 10:30 PM EST is busiest, but I have found company to talk to at 6 AM on Sunday mornings from time to time. So go back to your home page and look for the chat room button and give it a try. If no one is home, try a bit later. I enjoy both forms of communication. The discussion boards give me a chance to think about what I am posting (and check my spelling which is actually rotten!), but on the chat room I've met folks with all kinds of cancer that have helped me in a myraid of ways-even help me with recipes for healthy foods from time to time. Both are great. Good luck!

    C. Abbott