Erbitux Rash Treatments

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An article on the Colon Cancer Coalition website reports that Bristol-Myers
Squibb, the ones who mfg. Erbitux, have a skin care kit to treat the rash
as well. Good results are reported. Also there is mention that using milk
of magnesia, yep, used on the acne rash is helping. Let it dry for a few
minutes and then remove with dampened cloth. Just thought I would pass this


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    Erbitux Rash Treatments
    I'm on Erbitux and I have been using Minocyclin(sp), an antibiotic and the results are good. I still get the rash but it's mild compared to what it had been. I'd like to know if anyone has found something that works for the splitting fingers. Lotions do not seem to help, it's like it's coming from the inside out.