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Good morning to everyone, I missed all of ya'll yesterday. I was having a "can't get off of the couch day" I was sick the morning time and got kids off to school and didn't get off the couch till later last night. I hope all is well this morning and feeling good.
I feel the same way about the weight gain as all of the other ladies. I have gained about 20 lbs also. I will have to have all new clothes before going back to work. Man what a bumber.!!!!!! Lol


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    I'm sorry you were sick,
    I'm sorry you were sick, Michelle. But I'm glad you could just vege on the couch for the day. May today be much better for you!
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    Glad to Hear from You
    Good to hear you're better, Michelle. I know we all have spent some time on the couch. Glad you were able to rest.