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Hi Everyone,
The internet went out at the hospital Saturday night. I can't believe how dependent I have become on you. I feel like you are the ones who get it.
**** has had a hard time at the hospital.. He had 75% of his colon removed Tuesday and he is still in the hospital. Things are starting to move very slowly. He finally said no more pain meds and no more nausea meds and he is feeling better.
We got the path report this morning and it is what we thought. 7/17 lymph nodes involved. They did not see anything on the liver. We have an appointment with Dr. Lenz at USC on Thursday. Originally it was for March 5 but I kept calling and they were very nice to move it up. We were ready, but not ready for this report.
They said he had a 98% obstruction. Here he was running, surfing, etc... Unreal.
I can't thank you enough for all your support.
The internet is still down at the hospital and I'm at the apple store across the street. I will check in again when I can.
Kathleen and ****


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    Hi kathleen,
    From what

    Hi kathleen,
    From what you've said things don't sound that too awful bad. Nothing on the liver- that's very good. 7/17 lymph nodes positive- not terrific but not terrible. 25% of colon left- better than no colon and having in iliostomy rather than colostomy. Take things one step at a time. Sounds at this point like things are going pretty well. **** will be home soon and before you know it things will begin to get back to a new 'normal'. Aloha, ...Carl
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    The Rope........
    We have started a rope in here that is open to anyone that wants to grab hold onto and ride through this trip. We will all pull each other through it by hanging onto the rope...Grab hold and hang on...He will do fine.....God Bless you both.....
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    7/17 me too
    I had 7 of 17 positive nodes also, and a Hemi-colectomy, but I think **** is strong, and he will come through, I am only a couple steps ahead of him on this road, had my fifth chemo treatment last week, and we can do this. Good luck and like Buzzard says, hold on to the rope, were all going through this together.

    Mike B.
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    Good to hear from you
    I'm glad you were able to give us a report. I hope **** feels tremendously better soon. Tell him we're all praying for him.

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    Good to hear from you
    I am glad **** came through the surgery OK, and nothing was seen on the liver. He is strong (running, surfing, etc) and he can fight this. And he has you. I don't know what I would do without my hubby (another ****). I am also glad the doctors at USC can see you sooner.

    We are off to the hospital early tomorrow morning for my surgery. I keep all of you in my prayers and thoughts. It helps me through this.

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    Hi Kathleen,

    I'm so glad that ****'s surgery went well. If he is already refusing pain & nausea meds, then he is doing great! This is beatable and we are all here for you.

    Hugs and prayers,
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    I hear ya!
    When my mom was dx in nov. 07 I didn't know about this site, much less did I really want to know as much as I do now. I didn't join for a while, but man, I can't tell you how important these people and this site has become. It is a source of inspiration and hope every day. I start my day with it, check it several times a day and end my day with it.
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    pain meds slowed me down
    When I was in the hospital for my liver resection, I found when I stopped the pain meds (or at least the heavier duty ones), that's when my colon "woke up" and I progressed more so I could go home. I had a couple of terrible days of throwing up and we realized it was a reaction to two different pain meds they gave me (I can't remember which ones now).
    Tell him not to be too heroic- take pain meds if he's in pain. On the other hand, I was anxious to get down to just ibuprofen instead of the stuff that made me so woozy and out of it. I wanted my mind to "de-fuzz"!
    Take care & you and **** are still in my prayers.
    (I love this site too! :)