FISH Test Results, Interpretation, and Prospects

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My FISH test results state: "POSITIVE fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) result using the Vysis UroVysion TM assay... INTERPRETATION AND COMMENTS: An ABNORMAL hybridization pattern was observed with 5 cells exhibiting numerical abnormalities for chromosomes 3,7,9, and 17. This result is indicative of bladder cancer according to the UroVysion Directional Insert."

My next ppointment with the Urologist is coming up in 2 days and from what I have read so far, it appears that I can look forward to his inserting a flexible or rigid tube through the penis. Following are my questions: a) Is there a risk in this procedure? Should I insist on a second opinion now before any futher exploration is done? b) Are there alternatives that I should ask him to explore first? Or is the FISH result so overwhelmingly definitive that I should not waste any more time and ask him to go ahead and even take a biopsy if necessarry? c) Further, could there be a link between the use of Caverject (and possibly injecting it wrongly a couple of times over the years) and bladder cancer? Thank you for any guidance.


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    Cystoscopy as effective detector in bladder cancer
    I was first dx'd with Bladder Ca in 1996. Not only have I had numerous biopsies done via cystoscopy, I have had one done every six mos since my dx of Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder. I received BCG trtmt and chemotherapy via cystoscopy. I have not had any infection problems and the test is usually done in the doctor's office. I would certainly want this scope done because it allows the Urologist to see the entire inside of the bladder and spot anything suspect before it would spread beyond in situ.

    It's just a scope of the bladder like a colonoscopy is of the intestinal tract. CynthiaA