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Good morning everyone, Today is the day for the second treatment, day 14, and I am scared, also, I still have my hair, is it going to fall out? Last night my head hurts sooo bad, it feels like I have had a ponytail yanked all night, all over my head and I have a huge headache. I am a little scared I might react different today. Maybe not. To all of those having a treatment today, I wish you all the best and I will be praying for you. Have a great day .


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    Nothing to worry about, mrmauld!
    Please don't be scared! The "ponytail" feeling is actually quite normal for someone on Day 14. Moopy definitely had it right around then, and so did a lot of the other ladies around here. She also definitely had a headache to with the "ponytail" feeling. As of today (Day 1 of the second course) Moopy's hair is only thinning out a little bit. She actually looks even more beautiful, but she doesn't believe me when I tell her that.

    My special thoughts and prayers go out to all of the Ladies in Pink who are having treatment today: you, Mimi, and of course my beloved wife Moopy. And also to Angela, in hopes that her test with the long name went well and yielded positive results. May God bless you all!

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    Good Morning, MRMAULD!!!!

    Good Morning, MRMAULD!!!!

    It sounds like your hair is ready to let go. I think the anticipation for that happening is worse than the actual event. I'm so sorry you have to experience this, as many of us have had to on this board. But you will get through this. And truly you will be a more beautiful warrior because of it. I'm sure you don't believe me now, but you just wait and see!

    Let us know how your second treatment goes.

    My prayers go out to you!
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    Hair Tightness, Chemo Today
    Mrmaud, I found that the tightness did get better after about 24-36 hours. At first, I did have a terrible headache and had to take tylenol, which only helped some. The tightness did go away, though, giving way in my case to tingling. In a way, it is good because it told me--thanks to our sisters here--that my hair falling out was coming. A kind of head's up if you will.

    Regarding chemo, I try to think of the IVs as a help and say in my mind--Welcome! The meds are coming to help me fight this battle. I don't know for sure, but I think my welcoming the meds helped last time. (Well, clorazepate,a mild sedative, also helped, to be sure!) Anyway, the chemo session went fine, and the nurse told me to do the same things next time. So,I will. You might try thinking that or saying it and seeing if it helps you, too. It is true--those meds are there to save our lives. We can survive them, no matter what it takes.

    Oh, and as many ladies here have said: drink plenty of water. I have been doing that and it helps.

    I know you are scared. I am, too. It's ok. just means we are normal. But we will be fine. All these wonderful women are here for us and each other. Just think of that. I will be praying for you and Mimi today as we all get our infusions.
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    So sorry your head is hurting..i feel your pain. I couldn't stand it anymore so got it buzzed. I still had a horrible headache last nite and am wondering if it is because of the little stubbles left all over or lack of sleep from the steroids. I took ativan before bed and that helped immensely with the sleep. and headache is gone this morning,good thing as i was as grouchy as a bear with a sore butt!!lol In earlier postings it was mentioned to pull out these stubbies with duct tape? does this help?
    I am going to my beautition today to see if she can do anything with my wigs..and my son is going with me to get his buzzed!!I will send a pic, if its not to awful..but what could be worse than it already is?
    Pleasedon't be scared. We are all in this together, and with an army of survivors and Jesus along side of us..We will have the strength to defeat the enemy. My prayers go out to you God bless you this morning and good luck!!
    P>S< this is a before shot not my wig will send that later Jackie
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    Hi MrMauld
    Like Moopy, I envisioned the chemo as warriors helping fight the battle. It really helped my faith that I was going to get through it. I will be thinking of you and all the folks (even the readers who don't write) getting chemo today. Lynn
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    good morning
    Just want to let you know we all go with you each time you have a treatment you are not a long remenber we ccare about you.Its ok ,You have the right to be hair hurt bad if i touched it so i cut my hair as short to mt head as i could then took hubby shaving cream and shaved my head. I was glade it was gone. I love the way my hair came back in with wave and body never had that befor.This also will pass. hugs for you.

    Iknow why they call it cancer .what happen to the A and B A is attitude B is to beat the c . hang in there and use your A's and B's sisters in pink love you.
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    Mrmauld, I hope you felt our
    Mrmauld, I hope you felt our presence today over your shoulder as you were getting your infusion. We were all there with you in spirit. As some of us are still in the midst of treatment and other of us are done, we know exactly what you are experiencing. My biggest wish for all of you enduring treatment, is that it all goes smoothly. I also experienced the tight ponytail feeling and only felt better after I had my hair buzzed off. Try some tylenol, though I don't know how much that will help. Keep us posted. Hugs, Lili