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Dear Members:

I am 47 years old. In November I started having irregular menstrual period and severe cramps at nights. The cramps come and go whether I had my period or not. In November I had spotting at the end of my menstrual cycle, and in December my period was a bit heavier and lasted longer than normal, lasting ten days in total. My family doctor referred me to a Gynocologist who sent me to get a transvirginal ultra sound. I had my results yesterday and was told that the endometrium of my uterus is thick, about 3/4 of an inch. I had the ultra sound on the 15th of January and my period came on the 17th of January. Although my period lasted for the normal four days the first two days were heavier than normal. I will have a biopsy in mid- February to finalize what is going on. I was worried at first, but am wondering if the thickening could be due to the fact that my period was near. I am also wondering if this is a sign of menopause. Your advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    cervical cancer
    Hello, Beprepared I hope its nothing serious, I just finish my treatments for cervical cancer in Oct.2008, I too had heavy periods, that one day I had to go to the emergency room. Please stay positive always and take care of yourself. I think you should read all you can about menopause, be prepared. I did because after my treatments my doctor told I will go into early menopause. ( has a lot of good information about menopause. LOTS OF LUCK WITH YOUR BIOPSY.