Sorry it has been a while!!

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I have finally been able to get on the computer. WOOHOO! I have been working and it feels great while I am there. Then I get home and the exhaustion takes hold. Oh well. I am thankful for that day of work, and the ability to feel so tired. January 7th was one year since my 3b diagnosis and I spent a lot of it thanking the good lord for allowing me to experience 2009. I live in Illinois and have always dreaded the snowflakes. This year I have appreciated every flake. I hope all of you are enjoying the day.

Many prayers for all of you,


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    Tracie - I can remember the feeling well. That day last summer my best friend and I went out and did random acts of kindness all day long and I gave each person a little card that said "Today I am celebrating my one year anniversary of being diagnosed with OVCA. Thank you for allowing me to share my joy. Please pay it forward when you are able". It was the best day ever. This past December I had my first year of remission and did a lot of crying. Can't believe I've made it this far.

    Congrats to you! And may you continue to see everything in a different light.

    My best to you.

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    know how you feel

    I too celebrated continued life here on earth two days ago January 28th! One year since my diagnose of ova 3C.

    We have had ice and snow most of the week and level 3, level 2 and level 1 on and off. It has been beautiful here. What an artist God is.

    Teal (love that) hugs and prayer to you too and everyone else,
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    Glad to hear from you and that things are going great. I bet it feels good to be working but still do remember how tired I felt when I went back. Make sure you get enough rest and allow yourself to regain your strength ~ it does take time. Thanks for coming by and letting us know. Hugs ♥ Prayers back at you. Bonnie
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    Hi Tracie,I will be celebrating my 1 year Feb. 22,09.I'm so happy for you.May the Lord continue to watch over you.I live in PA and it's also really cold. I need some sunshine:)
    Sending Buckets of Teal Hugs and Prayers,
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    Good News
    Adding my congrats to the other ladies. I will have my two year anniversary on March 2.
    (((Hugs))) Saundra
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    saundra said:

    Good News
    Adding my congrats to the other ladies. I will have my two year anniversary on March 2.
    (((Hugs))) Saundra

    I'm only 6mths after diagnosis yet, but i love to hear all your anniversary me hope. Congratulations to you all, and Happy Anniversary!..may you all have many more!
    Take care...luv Carolyn x