33 yo with large papillary serous cystadenoma...what are my odds?

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Hi there,

I'm 33 and because of 4 months of increasingly heavy periods and spotting, bloating, etc, went into the OBGYN. I was sent for a U/S due to a swollen uterus, which ended up being a normal uterus with a very large ovarian cyst sitting behind it. Measured 12cm on U/S. They said it was mostly fluid filled and felt it was corpus luteum or an endometriomal or hemmoragic cyst. Well, I just had the cyst removed this past Friday and it was 15 cm (grew 3 cm in 2 weeks, or U/S was just off). Also, they said it was a papillary serous cystadenoma. There weren't very many papillaries...mainly just fluid. They drained 700 ml of fluid out and it was clear and thin. The doctor seemed to think it was benign and said he'd be surprised if it wasn't. He said worse case it might be borderline. But really, how does he know until we get the pathology.

So, I know clear thin liquid is supposed to decrease your chances of it being cancerous, but isn't large in size and quick growing add to your chances of it being cancerous? I just had my third child last February, and when they did the c-section a year ago February, everything was normal...no cysts...and nothing was obviously wrong at my post op 6 weeks later. So, I'm recoverying from the laparoscopy now. It went pretty smooth, but they had to remove the ovary and the fallopian tube, and the incision to pull it out ended up being 2 inches since it was so big (they drained it prior to pulling it out). And while I sit here recovering, I'm trying to figure out what the odds are that this thing is really cancerous or borderline...not to completely freak myself out, but just so I'm mentally prepared for 'the news'. I'd appreciate if any of you happen to know the stats on something like this...or any personal stories of a similar type cyst and whether or not it ended up being cancerous.



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    Don't worry
    First thing that you will have to learn to do on life's journey is "don't worry about what ifs". Those of us with cancer have a diagnosis of "carcinoma" not cystadenoma. You are right in that you will have to wait for the pathology. You may be watched more carefully in the future but don't I wish that I had had some warning sign to warrant a more careful watch. I would consider that a blessing. Concentrate on getting over the surgery. That is the best I can give now. Saundra