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Not sure how many of y'all are basketball fans, but I was really sad to hear today that Kay Yow passed away from breast cancer. She was the legendary women's basketball coach from NC State, my son's alma mater. Kay had been fighting this disease since 1987, and she was so inspirational everyone in her fight. Even though she had a different form of cancer, I just wanted to share my sadness with y'all.



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    of any sport, really, but i was saddened when I heard about her passing. I don't remember even why I was aware of her battle, although it was probably through Cure magazine. It is ALWAYS a bummer hearing when another warrior loses the battle, no matter the beast. I am sure she will be missed by a great number of people, but those people are blessed to have been touched by her. And SHE was blessed to have the opportunity to reach as many people as she did during her time here.